Anisha Murphy,  a Twin Cities native devoted to serving the needs of Minnesota’s low-income communities, has become director of the LegalCORPS Entrepreneurs of Color Program.   Her background includes a law degree and a master’s degree in public admia-murphynistration from Hamline University and study at Queen Mary University of London, England.

In her role with LegalCORPS, she will lead efforts to improve and expand its Entrepreneurs of Color Program.  Our nonprofit has made considerable progress in the past year in its ongoing initiative to learn and begin to better serve immigrant, American Indian, African American and other entrepreneurs of color in Minnesota.  LegalCORPS already is bringing the business law component to joint efforts with other nonprofits that promote small business development among populations of color.

The overall goal is to support the inclusion of historically underserved communities as full participants in the mainstream economy.

She can be reached at