LegalCORPS is recognizing one of its most generous volunteer attorneys, Rakhi Nikhanj of the firm of Pauly DeVries Smith & Deffner, as its 2015-16 Volunteer of the Year.

Rakhi has been a volunteer for the LegalCORPS Inventor Assistance Program since 2012. rakhi_4903_printsize She has consistently represented inventors and filed patent applications on their behalf, both on her own and while mentoring others at her firm.

Furthermore, Rakhi educates the public about patent law on behalf of IAP, with a warm smile and humor that puts people at ease. For several years, Rakhi has led the Inventor Assistance Program’s quarterly Provisional Patent
Application Workshops at the Minneapolis Central Library.  She was instrumental in revising the materials and presentation in response to inventor feedback to make them more useful to those new to the patent process.   Rakhi has also acted as a LegalCORPS IAP representative at an Entrepreneur Fair in North Minneapolis.

Rakhi is a registered patent attorney and mechanical engineer with 10 years of patent preparation and prosecution experience. Rakhi’s patent work at Pauly DeVries Smith & Deffner has spanned a variety of technological areas including medical devices, software , communication systems, filters, acoustics, heat management, hazardous material handling systems, consumer products, and other mechanical technologies. She is active in the Minnesota Intellectual Property Law Association and joined its board in 2016.