Full-Representation Assistance

To receive assistance from LegalCORPS’s volunteer attorneys for more than brief legal advice regarding a for-profit business, a person:

  • must be a Minnesota resident, or own and operate a business in Minnesota;
  • have an annual household income that meets LegalCORPS guidelines;
  • establish that his/her venture is at a stage in which legal assistance would be appropriate (for instance, that it is more than “an idea”).

LegalCORPS generally uses income guidelines that establish presumptive eligibility at 200% of the federal poverty level.  See the current guidelines here.

If an applicant’s annual household income exceeds the guidelines but other circumstances suggest the applicant still might be a good candidate for free assistance through LegalCORPS,  a LegalCORPS eligibility review panel can consider the factors and make the final determination.

Complete this application form to request free full-representation assistance on your small business matters.   Submit it to LegalCORPS as an e-mail attachment or by conventional mail.

Note:  To save and print  your completed form so you can transmit the information to LegalCORPS, you might need to install a program for producing PDF files in your computer.  Adobe Acrobat [see www.adobe.com] is a common application for this.   Another application is CutePDF [see cutepdf.com].

If the matters for which you are seeking assistance include help with making a provisional patent application, please use the application form for small business assistance.

When an Applicant is Eligible

When LegalCORPS determines that an applicant is eligible for free (“pro bono”) assistance, it tries to recruit an attorney from its volunteer roster to assist that client.    When an attorney volunteers to assist and determines that no conflicts of interest exist that would rule out that assistance, the attorney will contact the client.

The attorney and the client should enter a written agreement describing the scope of services the attorney will provide.

NOTE: If,  when the attorney’s free representation ends for any reason, the client needs further assistance related to the matter and remains eligible for free representation through LegalCORPS, the client can return to LegalCORPS to request recruitment of another attorney for free assistance.