Small Businesses

For low-income owners of small businesses (or those who want to form a business), LegalCORPS volunteer attorneys can provide the sound legal advice that is essential for success in business and preventing costly troubles that can ruin an enterprise.

LegalCORPS provides assistance with transactional business matters.   It does not provide assistance with litigation, although it can arrange advice and assistance that could prevent litigation.

Here are examples of legal issues in which LegalCORPS attorneys can provide advice and/or assistance:

  • Choice of legal form of organization, and formation of (for-profit) organization
  • Intellectual property – copyright, trademark, trade name, licensing, patents
  • Contracts and commercial leases
  • Taxation
  • Government regulation
  • Employment
  • Franchising
  • Risk management
  • Real estate
  • Director duties and internal organization
  • Commercial debtor/creditor rights and options
  • Other legal issues not involving participation in litigation

For descriptions of how you can receive free assistance through LegalCORPS, see Ways We Can Help.