How to Volunteer

To join the LegalCORPS volunteer roster, first complete and submit the Volunteer Form.  (If you are a patent lawyer who wants to be included in the roster for the LegalCORPS Inventor Assistance Program, be sure to complete the part of the form dedicated to that program.)

Before adding you to its roster, LegalCORPS will confirm that you are properly licensed to provide legal assistance to Minnesota clients.

Once added to the roster and the contact list, you will receive e-mail notices about clients who need assistance.  You also will receive periodic messages regarding other volunteer openings, continuing legal education and public speaking opportunities.

If a client’s matter interests you, respond by e-mail (or phone) as soon as you can.   While aiming to involve a broad range of individual volunteers, the LegalCORPS client intake/case placement coordinator tries to arrange assistance as timely as possible for clients.

Sometimes LegalCORPS cannot quickly recruit a volunteer attorney for an eligible client from responses to e-mail notices sent to all on the roster.   In those circumstances, LegalCORPS will recruit proactively among registered volunteers who have indicated they have experience or knowledge in the areas of business law pertinent to the client’s needs.

Volunteer schedules for regular LegalCORPS brief-advice clinics usually are filled.   When openings develop, LegalCORPS will notify volunteers on its roster and contact list.

If you would like to suggest a pro bono opportunity for yourself or other LegalCORPS volunteers, or if you would like to explore volunteer projects that do not involve individual client representation, please contact the LegalCORPS executive director.