Advocates of pro bono legal service point that the type of volunteer community service that only lawyers can provide is pro bono legal service.   Rule 6.1 of the Rules of Professional Conduct expresses the legal profession’s aspiration to serve those in the community who cannot afford access to the legal system on their own.

LegalCORPS provides transactional business lawyers in Minnesota opportunities to provide pro bono legal service in the area of law they are most comfortable with — and expert in.   And, though it might not be immediately obvious to  some, expanding access to the legal system in the area of business law is as much a social justice matter as all other types of pro bono legal service are.

By providing business law pro bono services, LegalCORPS tries to educate the public about the necessity and value of sound legal guidance to the success of any venture.  (And why, when they can afford to pay legal fees for that guidance, it is an essential investment.)

LegalCORPS arranges business law pro bono opportunities in three basic forms:

  • Full-representation assistance, in which the volunteer attorneys represent clients just as they would in a fee-paying arrangement;
  • Brief-advice assistance, in which the volunteer attorneys commit only to counseling clients in 30-minute sessions;
  • Public presentations, in which the volunteer attorneys carry out LegalCORPS-sponsored presentations to the public on business law topics.

LegalCORPS also provides service opportunities that do not require the volunteers to have a license to practice law.

To learn about the benefits of volunteering with LegalCORPS, please see “Support For Volunteers.”