Ways We Can Help


LegalCORPS can provide assistance to Minnesota inventors at the two general stages of the patent application process:

Provisional application:  This is the “entry level.”   It enables an inventor to claim “patent pending” status for one year.   One must file a non-provisional application before that year ends for the “patent pending” status to continue and to preserve one’s earliest filing date.   To learn how to request assistance for filing a provisional application, see Provisional Application.

Non-provisional applicationThis is the “regular application” which, if it results in an issued patent, provides protection for 20 years from the date of one’s earliest filing.   To learn how to request assistance for filing a non-provisional application or in responding to USPTO “office actions” or other communications, see Non-Provisional Application.

Of course, LegalCORPS  also can provide low-income innovators free legal assistance with licenses, contracts, business organization formation and other non-patent matters.  See Small Businesses.